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There is an exceptional Blogger that we love to work with and share with you. Avec Mallory has written great articles for many dining establishments such as the "Honey Salt", "Due Forni", "MTO Cafe", "Firefly Tapas" and yours truly "Chocolate & Spice". We invite you to take a look at this Vegas locals' talented site and the many other great articles Avec has to share with you.

Posted: September 17th 2014

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Holiday Season Cooking Classes!

Las Vegas Bakery Las Vegas Catering Services Las Vegas Catering Services
Kids decorating class, RSVP Today! Space is limited.

Chocolate & Spice provides one of the finest cooking class available in town for the kids. They will have a great time, engage with other like minded children, Learn how to decorate when cooking or baking. Presentation is a very important piece of the puzzle when cooking for others, this class will have them on their way to cooking perfection and success! We challenge you to not only bring your kids to learn with Chef Megan Romano but we also encourage you to video tape any cooking moments with your children and tag us when you post it. We LOVE! seeing our next generation of Chefs.

Adults pie making class

We all love to eat right? Desserts even more than ever. Our cooking class for adults is on its way and this coming cooking class we are presenting Pies! That's right! delicious, fun, crunchy crust and sweet. Join us November 4th at Chocolate & Spice!

Chef Tech Fantasies of the future

Las Vegas Bakery Las Vegas Catering Services
In the not so distant future, can today's chef tech fantasies be tomorrow's Kitchen reality?

In an interview with Margaret Littman, Chef Megan Romano a Las Vegas Cake Bakery Chef Says her "Big Tech Dream": "The more beautiful we wrap things, the faster we sell them. But it is amazing how long that takes." She'd love a virtual elf "to package, label and tie pretty bows" instead of hiring 6 people to help year-round, plus an extra two during the holidays.

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Our cooking classes are a big hit!

Las Vegas Bakery Las Vegas Catering Services
Recently we hosted a travelling girls' basketball team looking to blow off some steam in the kitchen. They stepped into thee! amazing Las Vegas cake bakery founded by Chef Romano and created some amazing magical desserts with a little sugar & spice ;-)

Children's Cake Design Las Vegas Catering Services Las Vegas

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