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Chocolate & Spice Bakery is a vision of a classic artisan bakery where the smell of flakey chocolate croissants, lemon-scented blueberry scones, citrus infused cakes, sweet summer berry topped crème bruleefrench toast, cocoa powder dusted pastries, toasted lemon meringue tarts and buttery shortbread cookies fill the air.

"Chef Megan Romano has gained a reputation for understated elegance with her simple creations. She has an unorthodox approached to desserts and hand-crafted confections". Made in Las Vegas: Desert Artisans, 944 Magazine.

"Megan Romano has quietly earned a reputation among local foodies as one of America's best pastry chefs. And she has used that reputation to build a small empire that included her line of desserts and cookbook, "It's A Sweet Life". Desert Companion, Restaurant Awards, December 2011, "Pastry Chef of the Year, Megan Romano". .